What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?

Friday, Jul 19 2019

Keeping the Heat Outside in the Summer As the mercury rises during hot summer months, everyone wants to be able to come home to a comfortably cool house in the evening. But nobody’s excited about the prospect of a fearsome electric bill at the end of the month. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between […]

Working on Your Work Environment

Friday, Jan 11 2019

5 Things You Can Add to Improve Your Office Culture Now that 2019 is here, smart managers and business owners are looking for ways to make measurable improvements to their office culture. If you’re like them, you know there are a million and one suggestions out there for making your employees more productive and more […]

Making a Lasting Impression

Wednesday, Aug 22 2018

5 Ways to Ensure Clients Remember Your Office Forever When you’ve got clients visiting your place of business, you always want to ensure their experience is positive. You’ll tell the front desk staff to be ready, put up a welcome sign or two, make sure the place is clean and employees are dressed appropriately. But […]

Hello, Queen City!

Friday, Jun 16 2017

Columbus’ Premier Window Film Company, Open for Business in Cincinnati The SolarTex Inc. team is excited to announce the opening of our Cincinnati branch! For more than 30 years, SolarTex has provided top quality window films & installation services to homes and businesses alike throughout the central Ohio area – and, now, our team is […]

The LLumar Film Advantage

Monday, May 09 2016

Saving Money & Energy with LLumar Window Films When sustainability matters most and every dollar counts, no stone can be left unturned. Streamlining system processes, pursuing Green energies, upgrading HVAC systems and flipping the light switches at the end of the day are all great options when it comes to sustainable building design and practices, […]

“We were very impressed with the SolarTex team and would, without hesitation, refer them to anyone.”

Thursday, Aug 27 2015

Thanks to Mr. Brown for your feedback! “First of all I couldn’t find anyone who was interested in selling us new shade film to replace my old faded film in our solarium until I finally found the SolarTex folks in Columbus. Even though we are a 2 hour drive from, their facility there was no […]

“SolarTex Was Professional, Courteous and Efficient……..”

Wednesday, Jul 15 2015

We received a great rating from one of our customer’s on Angie’s List recently! “Solartex was professional, courteous and efficient from the start — I’d sent an email request and they promptly responded. We had a free estimate, and they were helpful with deciding what would serve our purposes the best, measured the skylights and […]

Promote Privacy and Your Brand with Decorative Window Film

Thursday, May 28 2015

As a business owner, marketing and branding can mean everything to your company, so setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition in an array of different ways may be an integral part of your game plan. With the one-time investment of LLumar Decorative window film from SolarTex, Inc., you can get a custom […]

Summer Safety Threat: Security Window Film As a Layer of Defense

Thursday, May 21 2015

The sunshine season means that there are a number of great things to come: family outings, evening parties, extended vacations. However, leaving your home behind for the day, night, weekend or entire week leaves it quite susceptible to break-ins and burglaries, especially during the summer months. Intruders are traveling lighter, not worrying about leaving footprint […]