Promote Privacy and Your Brand with Decorative Window Film

Thursday, May 28 2015

As a business owner, marketing and branding can mean everything to your company, so setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition in an array of different ways may be an integral part of your game plan. With the one-time investment of LLumar Decorative window film from SolarTex, Inc., you can get a custom look of luxury for an affordable price. Kick up the aesthetic level of your office space while promoting an added sense of privacy for your employees.

SolarTex Helps You Customize and Brand Your OfficeEtched Look Decorative Window Film Building

Standing out from the crowd is as easy as the window film installation process. With custom, sandblasted, textured or etched-look glass, your place of work can adopt a new attitude and a style to remember. Mix up the interior make up of your workplace with the flawless implementation of these flexible polyester films.

Decorative film is perfect for:

  • Private offices
  • Lobby areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Room and cubicle dividers
  • Exterior windows
  • Homes and residences

Enhance Privacy and Aesthetic with LLumar Decorative Window Film

Enjoy increased privacy with the added interior barrier that is decorative window film. Strategically use the film to acquire a new sense of solitude for yourself and your employees by keeping eyes off of the private consultation in process and on the elegant film.

With all the talk of utility of the product, its easy to forget its most obvious feature: the great aesthetic appeal. The etched-glass adhesive not only keeps out intrusive glare, but is also quite easy on the eyes. It’s great way to add a polished and stylish look to otherwise bland building windows at a reasonable cost.

For more information regarding the installation and applications of our decorative window film, contact SolarTex and we will answer all your questions!