Custom Print Window Film

Endless Options with Custom Films

Like our commercial decorative window films, our custom print window films present an unmatched opportunity to decorate your office or retail space to match your company’s culture.

Establish Brand Identity with Custom Messaging

Popular graphical options include photos, digital illustration, text and typography, artwork, and color gradients.

With almost no limitations on visual options, custom print films enable you to distinguish your company’s look, turning images into window-ready, high-resolution graphics. We have a vast array of colors, textures, and materials designed to inspire and the expertise to place these graphics seamlessly.

We’ll help you build a unique corporate identity and make aesthetic improvements at the same time!

Improve Visual Communication

Specialized films and vinyls allow you to design with a distinctive appeal and create compelling visual communication. Popular applications include:

  • motivational signage
  • company mission statements
  • logos and branding
  • colored vinyls cut in stripes, dots, or other unique shapes.

Uniquely Promote Your Business

Sales and promotions are a critical means of driving traffic and bringing in new customers. Our custom print window film will help your company to highlight the essential information you want customers to have – and to make sure it captures their attention. And because our films can be easily removed and replaced, it’s a snap to keep promotional materials current and to advertise new sales.


SolarTex, Inc. uses the latest technology to help you realize your vision. Custom graphics can be designed and installed on windows, walls, floors, or almost any other surface you desire.

Protecting Privacy, Preventing Glare

Our custom print window film keeps employees comfortable – in style. It’s a gorgeous and innovative means of shielding areas that need enhanced privacy, while steadily maintaining aesthetic appeal. And it keeps out glare and other nuisances that negatively affect productivity.

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