Safety Glass Window Film

Window Film to Prevent Damage & Injury

Safety glass filmĀ acts as a crime prevention measure by holding glass together and in place in the event of an attempted break-in or act of vandalism. It also keeps occupants safe from flying glass in case of accidental breakage.

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Residential Safety & Security Film

Safety and security films help prevent crime home break-ins by holding glass together in the event of a smash-and-grab burglary, or where glass is the means of entry into a home. They can also come tinted, increasing the solar performance of glass and reducing fading from prolonged sun exposure.

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Commercial Safety & Security Film

Safety and security films also provide a valuable service to offices, retail buildings, and other commercial structures, making them less appealing to would-be thieves. In high-risk areas, such as government buildings, safety films are applied to hold glass together in the event of an explosion, keeping people safe from the hazards of flying glass. They also protect against flying glass during extreme weather, as well as against sun damage.

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Anti-Graffiti Films

An anti-graffiti film will help protect surfaces from intentional vandalism, as well as accidental damage. Following such an occurrence, the film can simply be removed, then replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the actual glass or surface.

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