Making a Lasting Impression

Wednesday, Aug 22 2018

5 Ways to Ensure Clients Remember Your Office Forever

When you’ve got clients visiting your place of business, you always want to ensure their experience is positive. You’ll tell the front desk staff to be ready, put up a welcome sign or two, make sure the place is clean and employees are dressed appropriately.

But if you really want to make the experience memorable, there are steps you can take with your overall décor so you know those visitors will remember you – and that lasting memory can make your company top of mind. Here are some ways you can make your office stand out!

1) Unique Architecture or LandscapingHow to Reinforce Your Business Brand

You probably don’t need to go full Stark Tower, but if you’ve found yourself in the position to build a new office, putting some unique features into the architecture is a surefire way to get yourself remembered. Just one spot that works in your logo or initials will stick in the minds of visitors. And if you don’t want to go that far, there’s always exciting landscaping, impressive flower beds and water features.

2) Themed Branding

Does your logo, or part of it, have particularly eye-catching attributes? Or do you have some sort of company mascot (fictional ones are fine)? Find ways to incorporate it into your décor, along with your digital presence. People will remember seeing that character on your websites and then throughout your office space. This continuity will really drive home your brand and make it stick.

3) Standout Signage

It’s always a good idea to have some sort of signage so visiting clients know where to go, and so they know you’re ready for them. But going the extra mile gets you extra memorability. Make clever physical signs that reflect your company’s culture while improving the navigation throughout your space. Put images and videos up on your screens to familiarize your visitors with the company. You’ll offer a warm welcome and demonstrate your creativity in one fell swoop.

4) One-of-a-Kind, Commissioned ArtworkMake Your Columbus Business Stand Out

Most modern corporate settings have some type of art on hand, but you can do better than garden-variety office art picked up last minute at WalMart. Whether it’s something modest or something elaborate, a piece of artwork that’s unique to your office is a memorable sight – and, often, the opportunity to explain how it came to be is an opportunity to talk about what sets your company apart (not to mention its benefits to employee productivity).

5) Custom Print Window FilmCustom Decorative Window Films for Offices

From subtle visual enhancement, to incorporating company logos and branding, to patterns with serious artistic flair, custom-printed window film offers seemingly unlimited opportunities to make your office space your own – and to make sure visiting clients never forget it. Lobbies, common spaces and conference rooms are a few of the areas where custom print window film can make a difference in your business space’s visual aesthetic.

Interested in learning more about custom window film options in a corporate setting? Contact SolarTex Inc. today to find out how we can make your office look incredible!