The LLumar Film Advantage

Monday, May 09 2016

Saving Money & Energy with LLumar Window FilmsLLumar Window Film Dealer in Columbus Ohio

When sustainability matters most and every dollar counts, no stone can be left unturned. Streamlining system processes, pursuing Green energies, upgrading HVAC systems and flipping the light switches at the end of the day are all great options when it comes to sustainable building design and practices, but we are here to discuss the great impact of window film – and why LLumar does it best!

Variety to Fit Every Need – and Window

Throughout the years, SolarTex has established itself as a reputable supplier of reliable & versatile window films. We further expanded our famous versatility by partnering with LLumar to become an official Columbus, Ohio dealer. LLumar specializes in both residential & commercial window films, while offering energy efficient decorative options that enhance aesthetic & sustainability. They truly are the perfect 1-2 punch of beauty & utility.

Explore our LLumar window film viewers today & see what these films could do for your space:

A Sustainable ReputationEnergy Efficient LLumar Window Films

These days, everyone’s looking to save a little more & reduce their carbon footprint – which is exactly why we started our partnership with LLumar! Buildings that are suited with these films see up to 15% on their monthly energy bills. And while the cost savings and infrastructure protection are nice, you’ll also enjoy enhanced temperature control, greater UV protection and an overall increase in comfort.

Estimate your potential costs savings today with our Energy Savings Calculator!

Reliable Suppliers Make for Happy Clients

LLumar’s primary supplier is Eastman Chemical Company, an internationally-renowned manufacturer that has been on top of the industry for more than 55 years. The American organization is notorious for providing a consistently excellent window film product. They are also acclaimed for their ability to grow with the needs of the industry. As business and home owners both pushed for greater sustainable options, Eastman was right there to answer the call. By working with SolarTex, you receive the timeless quality of LLumar & Eastman, coupled with our product expertise & seamless installation.

SolarTex, Inc. is an official LLumar Window Film Dealer in Columbus Ohio. Contact us today for additional product & service information!