Window Tinting

Home and Office Window Tint Options

Whether it’s a single residential window or hundreds in a commercial tower, Solartex Inc. will help you arrive at a solution tailored to your particular needs.


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An Elegant Solution for Window Problems

Windows let in the light and offer beautiful views. But the light brings unwanted heat, glare, and damage to décor.

Our window tinting (solar) films are your affordable and visually pleasing solution to all these annoyances, and they are available in a wide range of tones and strengths from clear to dark.

The Benefits of Solar Film


Window tinting film reduces energy costs and helps keep your space cool.


Window tinting film makes your space more comfortable by limiting glare.


Window tinting film virtually eliminates Ultraviolet light, making your furnishings stand the test of time.


Window tinting film increases daytime privacy.


Safety window tinting film strengthens your glass against crime and accidents by holding broken glass together.


Will window film make it look dark and cloudy outside?

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Window films come in a variety of colors, shades and densities, including clear, that offer a variety of options to suit your needs. In most cases, even a lightly tinted film can offer impressive heat reduction.

Will window film void my window warranty?

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Yes, but if you have a warranty in place, LLumar will match the current terms and conditions.

How long does window film last?

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Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to offer lifetime warranties to homeowners and 10-15 year warranties to commercial clients.

I’ve got blinds, so why would I need window film?

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Blinds offer great protection against glare, but are susceptible to Ultraviolet light damage and leave you feeling like you’re living in a cave. In addition, blinds only serve to slow the transmission of solar heat, as the heat seeps around the edges and through the cracks into your space. Window film allows you to leave the window treatments open and helps prolong their life.

How do I clean my windows If I have window film installed?

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Almost all window films are able to be cleaned using any non-abrasive solution. Wiping with paper towels is not recommended, as they can have wood fibers, which may scratch the film. A soft cotton cloth or a window squeegee is recommended.

Can’t I just buy this stuff at Home Depot?

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Yes, you can … but, naturally, we don’t recommend it! Film and glass combinations, difficult installation, and buying a quality product with a quality warranty are key components to any home improvement purchase. Working with a longstanding, knowledgeable company that offers quality products makes sense when considering window film application.

Can solar window film help me save money on energy costs?

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Window films can help reduce energy costs by blocking unwanted heat during the warm months while keeping heat in when you need it. Eliminating hot and cold spots also helps reduce excess use of HVAC equipment, prolonging its life.