Working on Your Work Environment

Friday, Jan 11 2019

5 Things You Can Add to Improve Your Office Culture

Now that 2019 is here, smart managers and business owners are looking for ways to make measurable improvements to their office culture. If you’re like them, you know there are a million and one suggestions out there for making your employees more productive and more comfortable.

In addition to adopting some of those management best practices, it’s worth your time to think about what you can add to your office space to make your workplace that much more enjoyable for employees. Here are some great ways to turn the office into an even better place to work.

How to Improve Your Company Culture1) Interactive Wall Spaces

No matter where a discussion is taking place, whether it’s a formal meeting or a casual chat between workers, you can make it possible for people to write down their ideas, draw diagrams or leave messages. It’s getting easier and easier to add chalkboards, whiteboards or writeable glass, as well as a variety of writing implements – and that’s not even touching the more innovative solutions, from whiteboard paint to video touchscreens. The result? Employees who are more easily able to flesh out their ideas, and ideas that are more likely to take hold in the office.

2) Modern-Day Communication Solutions

Look, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with email, but there’s a whole world of collaboration and communication tools out there to make your internal interactions more productive. From group chats to project management, you can improve your office’s productivity with smart use of such options as:

  • Slack: A quick, convenient internal messaging app
  • Yammer: A private social network that allows collaboration across departments and locations
  • Trello: A project management tool that makes it easy to keep track of a variety of projects

3) Sound Adjustment Tools

Whether it’s an open floor plan, noisy departments or just bad luck with acoustics, excessive noise is distracting. The good news is, noise isn’t distracting in and of itself – just specific kinds of noise, such as people talking – and solving sound problems may be as simple as making use of a white noise machine or similar ambient noise device. It won’t make things any quieter, but it’ll make them a lot less agitating to employees.

Improving Employee Morale4) Options for Underused Spaces

There’s a wealth of opportunities to improve areas of the office that don’t see much use, from break rooms to hallways to lobbies. You could equip them with collaborative solutions, such as the aforementioned whiteboards or laptop-enabled spaces. Or you could outfit them with means of blowing off steam – think pool or foosball tables. Either way, you’re transforming theretofore ignored spaces into places for productivity or morale-boosting.

5) Decorative Window Film for Personal Branding

Decorative window film offers a wealth of opportunities for motivating employees and establishing a collaborative atmosphere. From logos and mission statements to motivational signage and pleasing visual patterns, decorative window film has endless applications for the office looking to effect positive change. On top of that, these films – which can be applied just about anywhere in the office – improve privacy without sacrificing light, making them an appealing option for offices of all sizes.

Want to know more about decorative window film? Contact Solartex Inc. today to see how we can help improve your office culture!